Victoria Rydberg-Nania and her son at Devil's Lake

Victoria Rydberg-Nania

Co-Founder & Volunteer
As an educator passionate about constructing authentic, real-world learning experiences through place-based education, Victoria founded a project-based, environmental school for seventh and eighth-grade students. She is the author of "Hands-On, Feet Wet: The Story of River Crossing Environmental Charter School" and editor of "Hands-on, Earth Math: Digging Deeper into Environmental Topics." While still in the classroom, she co-founded FIELD Edventures with other school leaders. As the environmental education and service-learning consultant for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, Victoria works with teachers and organizations statewide to increase their capacity for meaningful place-based education. Victoria holds teaching licenses for grades 1-8 as well as 6-9 English with formal classroom experience ranging from first grade to grad school. She has served on state and national boards to advance environmental education.