Curious kids of all ages can easily answer the question “hey, what is this?”  No need to be a walking textbook when you have these identification tools in your pocket!

Identification in the Woods
photo of long, soft needles of white pine by Caitlin Campbell (CC BY-NC 4.0)
Conifers are trees that bear their seeds in cones. When you find a conifer that you don't recognize, ask yourself some questions!
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Trees in the Forest
Have you ever wondered how you can tell different species of trees apart?
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Person using app in field
The world of apps is expanding rapidly and it seems like there is a new nature app released every day.
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nighttime photo of a badger taken on a Snapshot Wisconsin trail camera
Snapshot Wisconsin has trail cameras all over the state. Can you identify the animals that were captured on these cameras? 
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Crawling water beetle
Pick a critter and see if you can identify it!
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Chickadee flying in winter, Photo Credit: Joe Riederer
Point to and click on any bird to learn more about them and what they're eating at the feeder.
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