Say good-bye to cold temperatures and short days, spring is here!!  Mud puddles, blossoms, songbirds are just a few things that call us outdoors during this season. Start here for some cool ideas to celebrate spring!

close-up photo of buttercup flower
Clover Leaves

In Wisconsin and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere March marks the beginning of spring. It is the third month of the year and is named after Mars.

Rain on Rainbow Umbrella

April showers…and so many other things to look forward to in nature this month.

Flower Bouquet

May is wetland month and typically marks the end of the school year in the United States.

Bloodroot blooming in early spring
Did you notice that?Are you observant?
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Red Cabbage plant close up
You can make natural dyes out of plants in your yard and your refrigerator.
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Arbor Day
Arbor Day is the last Friday in April each year.
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Parent and child planting a tree
April is tree-planting time in Wisconsin.
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Image of the globe
It was the largest demonstration in human history. In the slang of the 1970s, April 22, 1970, was a "happening." More than 20 million people took part. It was the birth of the modern environmental movement. The event was Earth Day
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Flock of red-winged blackbirds
The male red-wing blackbirds return to Wisconsin from their warm southern winter vacation.
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Amazing sunrise reflected in marsh waters in Springtime, aerial perspective
May is wetland month. Go outside and take a look around a nearby wetland.
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Otters in water
Keep an eye out along riverbanks for river otter pups.
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Feild of sunflowers
An alternative to pressing flowers for keepsake.
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photo of male and female flowers of sugar maple
Most people enjoy the flowers of lilac bushes and crabapple trees in spring.
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Lightning  in the Clouds
Spring is a great time to get outside and see some of the art and beauty of nature.
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Snow on budding tree branches
The Fate of Spring is a poem written by Eva Huffaker, age 16. 
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