Fauna is another name for the animals of a particular region, habitat, or geological period such as birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. Check out these videos to learn more about the fauna of Wisconsin.

Animals (Fauna)
Osprey nest with two birds in it
If you can't get outside to see wildlife, bring the wildlife to you!
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Snapping TurtlesRead More

Learn about snapping turtles with the animal dude, David Stokes. 

ToadsRead More

Learn about frogs and toads with the animal dude, David Stokes. 

InsectsRead More

Learn about insects with naturalist David Stokes. 

SkullsRead More

David Stokes helps us understand differences in animal skulls. 

Wood FrogRead More

Meet wood frogs and chorus frogs with humorist David Stokes. 

Wolf TrackingRead More

View Wisconsin wolves and watch biologists track wolves from the ground and the air in this video from 2001.

Whooping CranesRead More

Whoop it up with whooping cranes and learn more about the Whooping Crane Reintroduction Project.

Timber RattlesnakeRead More

Travel with a Dept. of Natural Resources researcher as he talks about and captures a timber rattlesnake and listen to Mac describe animal scales.

Sandhill Cranes DancingRead More

Watch sandhill cranes take-off, land and "dance" in this music video.

Red-backed Salamander ResearchRead More

Go into the woods with Mitch, a research scientist, to look for and tag red-backed salamanders.

Make Your Yard More Bird FriendlyRead More

Feeding and watching birds is a great pastime. Find out how to turn your backyard into good bird habitat.