We often talk about “being green” when we take actions that are environmentally-friendly. Green and healthy actions reduce environmental impacts, improve health and wellness for people and the planet, and increase our understanding of the environment.

Green & Healthy
Milly Zantow: Recycling RevolutionaryRead More

When Milly Zantow learned about a problem in her Sauk County community, she took action. Learn how she made it possible for us to recycle plastics today. 

Autumn Peltier: Clean Water ActivistRead More

Autumn Peltier, a 16-year-old from Wiikwemkoong First Nation in Ontario, speaks up and fights for clean drinking water in Canada's Indigenous communities. 

Vanessa Nakate: Climate Justice SeekerRead More

At the Young Activists Summit, Vanessa Nakate speaks of starting her climate justice campaign by standing outside Uganda's parliament.

Kids are Speaking for the EnvironmentRead More

A TED Talk: Artist Olafur Eliasson uses Earth Speakr to invite kids to speak up for the planet. He challenges adults to listen to what they have to say.  

If Adults Won't Save the World, We WillRead More

A TED Talk: Xiye Bastida reflects on what led her to become a leading voice for global climate activism and traces her resolve to the values passed down to her. 

What is Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin?Read More

Students from across Wisconsin define Green & Healthy Schools Wisconsin and describe their experiences and projects.

Ravine RestorationRead More

The students of the Fox River Academy in Appleton, Wisconsin produced a documentary about their ravine restoration project.

Green Team at Purdy Elementary SchoolRead More

Check out how the Purdy Green Team helps the environment at their school, including turning off electronics and recycling.

Nonpoint Source PollutionRead More

Visit with a fish manager as he shows you the results of cleaning up streams in the Coon Valley.

Landfills and GarbologyRead More

How does a landfill work? Take a video tour.

Got Water?Read More

Where does your water come from? Join Ken, a hydrogeologist, and learn all about groundwater.