Introduction to Nature Journaling

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Introduction to Nature Journaling promotional image with book cover "How to Teach Nature Journaling"

Introduction to Nature Journaling

Learn to lead and sustain an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary nature journaling experience.

Four Online Sessions (3:30pm-4:30pm):

  • February 3rd: Getting Your Tools & Introductory Techniques
  • February 10th: Journaling Activities: Beyond Sit Spots
  • February 17th: Open Coaching and/or Independent Work Time
  • February 24th: Putting it All Together

Participant Benefits:

  • Receive a copy of How to Teach Nature Journaling by Emilie Lygren. Register early to receive it by the first session.
  • Access exclusive content. We've designed Introduction to Nature Journaling to inspire, instruct, and engage.
  • Meet new people. Your fellow students are as motivated as you are to master what we're exploring here in Introduction to Nature Journaling.
  • Get results. As you dive into the course content and meet the community in Introduction to Nature Journaling, you're on a path of mastery. While it's not necessarily easy, the transformation we'll get together matters.

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