• FIELD Corps at High Marq

    Since 2010, High Marq Environmental Charter School has offered a project- and place-based learning alternative for students in and around the Montello School District in rural Marquette County, Wisconsin. The FIELD Corps model of learning through discovery and student inquiry has been at the root of our school’s success from the beginning.

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  • Finding Comfort in the Rhythms of Nature

    Simply put, phenology is the study of seasonal changes. At home, the easiest way to get started with phenology is to simply begin paying attention to what’s happening outside your window. It doesn’t matter how small or large your spot is, as long as you are able to observe it consistently.

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Honoring Questions for an Inquiry Mindset

How can we invite student questioning into our lessons without being overwhelmed? How do we honor questions and still get through all we need to cover? How do we engage students in questioning when their questions may not have been honored in the past? How do we respond to questions we t...

Inquiry for Equity

How can building learning experiences from the rich cultural backgrounds and life experiences students bring to our classrooms address equity, increase engagement, and close achievement gaps?

Phenomena, Provocations, and Passion

How can we hold fast to the innate curiosity and wonder often present in young children? When do you feel that child-like excitement as a learner? Consider how phenomena and provocations support passion.

Developing Relationships to Support Inquiry

Bringing student-centered inquiry into the classroom is an important part of implementation of the standards for science, social studies, and environmental literacy and sustainability. Before we can Get Started with Inquiry, we need to first know our learners.