• FIELD Corps at High Marq

    Since 2010, High Marq Environmental Charter School has offered a project- and place-based learning alternative for students in and around the Montello School District in rural Marquette County, Wisconsin. The FIELD Corps model of learning through discovery and student inquiry has been at the root of our school’s success from the beginning.

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  • Finding Comfort in the Rhythms of Nature

    Simply put, phenology is the study of seasonal changes. At home, the easiest way to get started with phenology is to simply begin paying attention to what’s happening outside your window. It doesn’t matter how small or large your spot is, as long as you are able to observe it consistently.

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Getting Started with Inquiry

Wisconsin Standards for Environmental Literacy & Sustainability state that “students engage in experiences to develop stewardship for the sustainability of natural and cultural systems” (ELS.EN7). Take a closer look at the learning priorities in this standard and you will find that s...

Lessons Learned Restoring a School Forest

Sometimes the best lessons are the hardest-fought ones. When the students of Fox River Academy, an environmentally focused charter school in Appleton, Wisconsin, identified a section of Pierce Park, adjacent to the school grounds, as an area they wanted to restore, they ran up against a ...